Monday, November 25, 2013

Journal 1


My heart was beating really loud that I'm sure if someone was standing next to me they could hear it load and clear. I came half an hour earlier than I should be. I refused to let them wait for me better the other way around. I kept praying that my first day working at a fast food restaurant would go by smoothly. I examined myself for the hundredth times. Smoothing my white t-shirt that was tuck inside my slack black pants.  I was ready as I could be. Hesitantly, I reached for the door knob, twisted it open and went inside. I felt so out of place with the only one wearing a white t-shirt and standing still with my back to the door. A woman that need a serious lose of weight, wearing a black shirt walked out from a room a few steps in front of me. 

I was told to wait for my trainer so, I stood there and fidgeting for half an hour until I was brought to work in the kitchen. Let just say that 4'8" with 85 pound body not really compatible for kitchen heavy work. It was the most tortures 4 hours of my life. I get yelled at lots of times and not only my feet but my whole body hurt like hell. But the good news was I got a praise from one of the kitchen crew! *grin* I also found out from a pretty girl a few years older than me that I could request to work at the front. Well, just great. That was a sarcasm if you still didn't get it. After finishing the most tortures day of my life I went up to the woman in black shirt, just as I suspect was a manager that I want to change to work in front. Well, more like demand because that pretty girl told me to do that. Tomorrow, I would work in front. New experienced again~ Although, the kitchen experienced almost killed me.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Story

This is a story that I have been writing 

Please read and review!


This story was about a girl named Wendy who was almost killed by her own mother at her sixth birthday party. Her mother claimed that she was not her daughter and tried to take her life with a knife she had been using to cut a cake.
Her life change when she was seventeen, she met Finn Holmes who reveals to her that he is a member of Trylle, a tribe of trolls. He claimed himself as Wendy's tracker who will take her back to her real family.
Almost all babies from Trylle are switched at birth with human babies except trackers.
She refuse to follow him because she love her aunt and her brother,
who have been taking care of her since she was little.
Although she have a hard time living among human because she do not eat most of 
the food human usually eat.
But she started to change her mind when an accident happen.

In my opinion:
Switched is a really past paced and exciting book to read!
The first time I saw this book and read the summary I was like I am going to buy this book!
But sadly I left my purse at home and the book store was far away from my home
about an hour ride with car.
My mom is a busy person and so I have to wait for next week to buy it.
When I went a week later the book was already sold out! 
And my mom even took me to another book store but the book have sold out as well.
I keep dreaming about it for 3-4 days and really regret I left my purse that day.
About a month later I went to the book store again and found the book 
with the same name but different cover that I quickly pick it up and read the summary.
It was the same book!
I never knew I could smile like that for a whole week...
There was not even one page of the book that made put it down.
Every page you read made you eager for more!
I finished reading it in a day and that kind of a record for me.
I even read the book while I was eating and walking!
You can never guess what the main character will do or even the 
The ending was really unexpected!
But I am not talking about it now so yeah...
So, if you saw ever this book just buy it because
you will never regret buying this book!

Recommend for those who interested in Romance and Adventure story.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Pierce Oliviera was a girl who died and came back.
The first thing everyone wants to know is did she saw a light?
She answer it using facts and what she read on the internet
because somewhere within her she knew that if she tell anybody about it 
something bad will happen to them...
Although she tries returning to the life she knew 
before the accident,
Pierce can't help but feel at once a part of this world,
and apart from it.
Yet she's never alone because someone is 
always watching her.
Escape from the realm of the dead is impossible 
when someone there wants you back.
Even when she move to a new town
to start over,
he finds her.
That how desperately he wants her back.
She know he's no guardian angel, and his dark world 
isn't exactly heaven,
yet she can't stay away...
especially since he always appears
when she least expects it,
but exactly when she needs him most.
But if she lets herself fall any further,
she may just find herself back 
in the one place she fear the most 

Recommended for the reader who interested in Greek Mythology